Virtual Acting, the idea (2017)

My name is Cassandra, at the moment I am directing and writing for Purple Pill  ( With a cool team  we develop Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality projects. For one of these projects I was looking for the right actors, so I visited a casting agency in Amsterdam and someone there asked me if there is such a thing as a training program for acting in VR/AR. My answer, no I train them myself.

On my way home  – cycling of course, like a proper Dutchie – I suddenly thought about opportunities and got lost . I stopped at an unknown place and bought myself a beer. I was sitting there for hours and my plan for Virtual Acting arose in my head. I got so excited about this new concept that I couldn’t sleep. So I spent my nights and weekends shaping Virtual Acting, I talked to entrepreneurs in my network about this idea and discussed my plans with my colleagues at Purple Pill and the partners of our company who helped me realize these trainings on Virtual Acting.


Why Virtual Acting?
We are probably only at the beginning of ‘life 3.0’. I believe all traditional art forms can learn so much from these new technologies. On the other hand we can improve hardware and software by using the input of creators. I’m really looking forward to all the new questions that we are going to ask ourselves, and the ethical and philosophical debates that will come with it. There is so much I like to do, but since I need some sleep every once in a while, I can’t do it all at once. That’s why I’m starting with the passion that I’ve had since I was five: Acting!

I really hope to meet many people who are as excited as I am. Let’s bring the industry a little bit further.

See you soon!