The Virtual Acting Institute (2019)

Will actors one day be immortal? And in what way will the future of acting be impacted by technical breakthroughs like VR/AR and AI?

If you look at Magic Leap´s demo of ‘Mica’, a human like artificial intelligence that can be viewed through the company’s augmented reality glasses, these aren’t just interesting questions for the future, but rather vitally important questions for the present. But where can we explore them, and find a place to learn, discuss and experiment within this rapidly expanding field?


The Virtual Acting Institute ® offers filmic research, consultancy and training to answer these questions. We understand just how complex the world of Virtual Acting can be, by partnering with other experts in the field we seek to share best practice across all disciplines involved in the process of building credible characters and accelerate learning. We’re proud to already have the support and collaboration of: The Virtual Dutchmen, Mindshow LA, the Radboud University, VRbase Amsterdam, Purple Pill, VRacademy Amsterdam, Mindset, the Film Academy Amsterdam, EYE film Institute, IDFA doclab academy, the innovation team of the Dutch Consulate in San Francisco.


Why the Virtual Acting Institute?
Our mission is to share knowledge, inspire and to bring people in this field together. We want to offer a place where we can experiment, do research and discuss ethics.

By using the method created by The Virtual Acting Institute ® we teach actors to level up their imaginative work; to anticipate action within non-literal environments; to work with other characters who may not actually be physically present; to act, interact and react within virtual situations. This method is based on scientific research, six years of practical VR experience and the expertise of fantasy writers, psychologists, and actors.


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