”We have been familiar with stage acting for centuries, with screen acting for decades, and I believe we have just entered the age of Virtual Acting. In 2017, I started the ‘Virtual Acting Initiative’, this was the beginning of a fascinating, surreal, and challenging adventure. Over the past seven years, I have traveled the world to explore the latest technologies associated with Virtual Acting. Along the way, I have met like-minded individuals, partners, and believers, discovered opportunities and challenges, and filled my days with experimentation, research, and creation.

As we find ourselves in 2023, there is a multitude of exciting developments in the world of Virtual Acting, such as artificial intelligence, digital humans, virtual production, and immersive media. I strongly believe that the knowledge gained during these past years can be valuable to others. Therefore, we are opening the digital doors to our ‘Virtual Acting Studio’ in September 2023. The Virtual Acting Studio aims to share knowledge, tools, experiments, and creations. Our mission is to understand, question, and shape the world of Virtual Acting, with a strong focus on ethics and society.”

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Founder/Director at the Virtual Acting Studio

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