The Virtual Acting Institute organises masterclasses around the world. In 2019 we will be in London, LA, Vancouver, Paris and Amsterdam.

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Historically, stories have always been used to shape and change the world. Actors make these stories come to life and new technology gives them an extra dimension.

In Virtual Acting the actor becomes a fictitious character and, often working solo, needs to interact with their own imagination in a virtual 360-degree environment. Wearing a technologically driven suit, the actor has millions of possible costumes.

We offer a one week intensive program for professional actors. Selection for the program is based on CV. We focus on the VA method and teach actors to work with the next level of their imagination, to anticipate within virtual environments, work with other characters who may not be physically present, to act, interact and react within virtual situations. We work with the latest technologies in VR, motion capture, volumetric video, and 360 film, teaching  both the process and skills performers will need to succeed in the entertainment industry going forward. After the masterclass you will get a VA certificate and become eligible for listing in our database.

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