Collaborating, connecting, and sharing.

Cassandra de Klerck: Founder

To bring her film ideas to life, Cassandra de Klerck started experimenting with Virtual Acting in 2017. She fell in love with the endless possibilities and continued to experiment and research. Step by step, day by day she builds something she truly believes in. For Cassandra, everything revolves around bringing alive new creative ideas, together with nice and talented people.


Erik de Klerck: Actor

Erik de Klerck looks at the developments in the field of Virtual Acting from a ‘traditional’ actor’s perspective. Erik is a critical thinker and he and Cassandra have acted and created together since they were kids.

Fanni Fazakas: Creative sparring partner

Fanni is a VR artist and creative technologist and helps with the realization of the Virtual Acting Studio projects. Since 2018 Fanni and Cassandra have been reinforcing each other as creators and as people.

Dajo Brinkman: 360 video and photogrammetry specialist

Dajo is a VR cameraman with a specialization in photogrammetry. Dajo and Cassandra have been working together since 2015. Together they realize creative projects and give workshops in the field of immersive technology.

Tim de Klerck: Intellectual Property and Tech Law

Tim de Klerck looks at technological developments from a legal perspective. He always asks interesting and critical questions when it comes to new developments.

Olivier van Dijk:
Business sparring partner.

Olivier is an entrepreneur and founder of He helps Virtual Acting in the business field, with corporate structures and business advice.

Philip Joubert. Creative technologist and teacher

Philip is a software developer and science teacher with a great interest in AI and robotics. Phil and Cassandra have been working together since 2016 and are sparring partners in the fields of new technology and knowledge transfer.

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